GIMS WORLD CUP world_cup.jpg

1. On which floor of the Museum of Natural Sciences is the gem exhibit?

2. Which real waterfall in North Carolina is the waterfall exhibit based on at the Museum of Natural Sciences?

3. Who owned Yates Mill before the Yates family?

4. What is the latitude of Poe Hall, to the nearest whole degree? What is the longitude?

5. What is the name of the fault that runs under Poe Hall?

6. How old is Yates Mill?

7. True or false: There used to be American bison on the land that is now Umstead state park?

8. Which number is closest to today’s discharge along Rocky Branch Creek near Pullen Park?
a. 1000 cfs
b. 100 cfs
c. 10 cfs
d. 1 cfs